As of 1/26/24 we are no longer accepting new dog full grooming clients.

We are still accepting new cat grooming clients, new nail trim clients, and new bath (no brushing) clients.

Whether your pet needs a light trim or a complete makeover, let our professional groomers do the work for you! Our groomers are dedicated to providing your pet with the caring touch and attention to detail that they deserve. Appointments are generally available Monday through Friday, every hour on the half-hour starting at 7:30 am, as well as most Saturdays at 8 am. Please make sure vaccination records are received before your pet's grooming appointment.

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Dog Grooming

Dogs with healthy, clean coats are happier animals! Our wonderful groomers will make your dog's grooming experience as stress-free as possible with their caring touch and attention to detail. Puppies under 12 weeks get their first grooming for free!

Dog Grooming Options & Rates

All of our rates vary depending on the breed, size, and condition of your dog’s coat. We offer:

  • Full-Service Groom (Bath, ear cleaning, nails, brushing/trimming.) Starting at $55+
  • Bath and nail trim with no brushing or trimming (ear cleaning included.) Starting at $30+
  • Nail Trim $20 (for every size & breed)
  • Dremeling (nail grinding) is an additional $5
  • Shorthair De-shedding treatment $5-20
  • Blueberry Facial $5
  • Nail painting $10
  • Accent fur coloring, permanent or temporary. Starting between $20-30+

Cat Grooming

We are happy to be one of the few Eau Claire groomers to offer non-sedation cat grooming! We offer bathing, brushing, nail-trimming, and the popular "Lion Cut." Most cats do very well with grooming, but please note that non-sedation grooming may not be right for all cats. We may omit the bath portion of the process if a cat cannot tolerate being handled. Some may feel more stressed by the grooming experience than others and may require sedation from your vet for future appointments. Talk to your groomer if you have questions!

Cat Grooming Options & Rates

  • Bath, nails, brushing and/or trimming or clipping. Starting at $55+. Pricing depends on the condition of the cat and the degree of difficulty in grooming. Please note that we advise against shaving cats if possible as it can harm their double coat and change their coat texture.
  • Nail trimming: $20

Additional Information

Appointment times do not 100% predict check-out times. The groomer will give you an approximate check-out time at drop-off, typically 3-4 hours.

You are welcome to drop off earlier than your appointment time, but your pet may not be started until their appointment time.

We have a 2-strike policy on grooming appointments: a nonrefundable 100% deposit will be required to book any additional appointments if 2 consecutive appointments are canceled with less than 24 hours notice.

Required Vaccinations

Proof of a current rabies vaccine is required for all pets over 6 months of age (received by us before their visit). Distemper and Bordetella are also recommended. For the safety of all our guests, we cannot allow animals with existing fleas into our facility. If fleas are discovered on a pet already checked in, we will give them Capstar (a fast-acting oral flea treatment) and then bathe them in a natural flea shampoo (additional charges apply). Owners will need to follow up with a flea treatment (preferably an oral treatment like NexGuard or Capstar).

Everything For Your Pet But The Vet Experience the difference with our large outdoor yards, home-like bathroom schedule, indoor/outdoor room setup, small playgroups, detailed grooming, and "Daycare with a Difference" which combines mental stimulation and basic training along with regular daycare. We also offer training classes through No Limits Canine. We’ll make your pet’s daycare, boarding, and grooming experience the very best!
Awesome ownership with a great staff who is well trained in their field of expertise!— Tim D.
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