Required Vaccinations

Proof of a current rabies vaccine is required for all pets over 6 months of age (received by us before their stay). Distemper and Bordetella are also recommended. We also highly recommend a flea & tick preventative. For the safety of all our guests, we cannot board a pet with existing fleas. If fleas are discovered on a pet already checked in, we will give them Capstar (a fast-acting oral flea treatment) and then bathe them in a natural flea shampoo (additional charges apply). Owners will need to follow up with a flea treatment (preferably an oral treatment like NexGuard or Capstar).

Medication Administration

We are able to administer medications while your pet stays with us. Please bring medications in their original containers so we have accurate instructions. Medication is $2/administration.

Daycare Requirements

Puppies must be 4 months old to attend daycare. If you are looking for socialization opportunities, make sure you check out our Puppy Socials! Unspayed/unneutered puppies 4 - 6 months old are welcome in daycare. All males are required to be altered by 1 year. Unspayed females (not in heat) over 1 year old may be accepted on an individual basis. Females in heat (and one week post-cycle) are not permitted in any group play setting. Dogs must have been in their homes at least 1 month after adoption/purchase before beginning to attend daycare.

What to Bring to Board

You may bring your pet's own food. We ask that you place each meal in a Ziploc bag or put it in gallon-sized bags. Our house food, Fromm Family Pet Foods, is also available, but we believe keeping your pet on a consistent diet minimizes upset stomachs, so bringing your own food is usually the best option.

Pets are welcome to bring any personal belongings such as blankets, toys, and treats. We provide our canine guests with stainless steel dishes and Kuranda beds. Feline guests are provided stainless steel dishes along with litter and litter boxes. We are not responsible for lost or destroyed items.

Everything For Your Pet But The Vet Experience the difference with our large outdoor yards, home-like bathroom schedule, indoor/outdoor room setup, small playgroups, detailed grooming, and "Daycare with a Difference" which combines mental stimulation and basic training along with regular daycare. We also offer training classes through No Limits Canine. We’ll make your pet’s daycare, boarding, and grooming experience the very best!
Best grooming place around! They are flexible with pick up times and my dog always comes home groomed to perfection.— Emma F.
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